Garden waste permits

A guide to what a permit is, how long it lasts and how much it costs. Plus, how you can cancel a permit or get a replacement.

What is a garden waste permit?

A garden waste permit is a printed document that's issued by our Waste Services team. It allows you to use a brown bin for garden waste as well as food waste.

What a permit covers

Each garden waste permit covers one brown bin only. If you want to put garden waste in more than one brown bin, you’ll need a permit for each one.

How long a permit lasts

Permits always cover a 12-month period. This period:

  • starts on 17 April
  • ends on 14 April of the following year

If you buy a permit part of the way through a year, it will still expire on 14 April and cost the same amount.


You must pay a fee for a permit, unless you're eligible for a concession.

The cost of one permit is £35.00

Applying for a permit

Online purchasing for garden waste permits is currently closed. We are no longer accepting 2023/2024 applications.

If you have a query regarding garden waste permits, please contact

This service will be available again for 2024/25 garden waste permit applications very soon.

Displaying your permit

Once you've received your permit, you must stick it to the back of your brown bin. We’ll then take away your garden waste as part of our regular collection cycle.

If you put garden waste in a bin without a valid garden permit, we will not empty it.

Renewing your permit

Permits do not renew automatically. You’ll need to apply for a new permit every year if you want to carry on using our garden waste removal service.

You can request a permit by either:

  • completing our online form
  • calling our contact centre

Free permits for eligible residents

You’re eligible for a free garden waste permit if you or someone in your household:

  • qualifies for a Council Tax reduction — except when this is a single occupancy discount or a student exemption or discount
  • is registered for a Council Tax discount or exemption because someone who lives in the property has been classed as severely mentally impaired
  • already receives a garden maintenance service at your property

If you're eligible for a free 2023/24 permit, you should have received a letter from us about this.

If you have any questions about free permits or you did not receive a letter and think you might be eligible, you can email

Replace a lost, damaged or stolen permit

If your 2023/24 permit hasn't arrived or is lost, damaged or stolen, you can order a replacement permit by either:

  • completing our online form
  • calling our contact centre

We’ll send your replacement permit in the post. Please allow 14 days for your permit to arrive.

Cancellations and changes to eligibility

If you change your mind about a permit, you can ask us to cancel it. However, you'll only get a refund if you do this within 14 days of your original permit request.

You can use this form to cancel a permit.

Alternatively, you can call us on 01786 404040 or write to:

Lower Polmaise Waste Management Centre
Waste Team

Changes to eligibility

If your circumstances change and you become eligible for a free permit, our Waste Services team can give you guidance. You can email them at

What you should do after you've cancelled a permit

You must dispose of any permits you've cancelled.

This includes any permits that arrive in the post after they've been cancelled online.

Moving home

A garden waste permit is linked to a property rather than a person.

If you move to a property that does not have a garden waste permit

If you want to use your brown bin for garden waste, you'll need to apply for a permit.

If you move to a property that has a garden waste permit

You can carry on using the brown bin for garden waste until the permit expires.

Permits for second homes or other people

When applications are open, you can request permits for:

  • a second home
  • friends or relatives
  • people you care for

To do this, just apply in the normal way, but use the address of the property you’re buying the permit for.

Permits for non-residential use

Garden waste permits are not available to businesses.

If you’re a church, charity, association or club, you can ask our Waste Services team for guidance. To do this, email

Sharing a brown bin with neighbours

If you want to share a brown bin with neighbours so you can all recycle garden waste, this bin will still need a permit.

You’ll have to make a private agreement with your neighbours about applying and paying for the service.

Other ways of disposing of garden waste

If you have access to transport, you can bring your garden waste to any of our household waste and recycling centres. You can do this free of charge.

Depending on your circumstances, you might also be able to compost the waste at home.