What goes into your kerbside bins

Make sure you put waste and recycling in the right bins. Please don’t overfill your bins, lids should be closed. Please don't overfill glass boxes, only level boxes will be collected.

Put waste and recycling in the right place

Find out what each bin is for and what you can put in it. Check the bin collection dates for your area.

Remember, we'll only collect waste that's been placed in a bin, box or purple sack provided by Stirling Council. Plastic bags or other waste left beside a bin won't be collected.

Grey bin

Grey bins are for your general, non-recyclable waste. So you can use it for polystyrene, nappies, hard plastic, bubble wrap and more.

If you have any broken glass, wrap it in kitchen roll and place it in your grey bin.

Don’t put electrical items, or any other bulky items in your grey bin. You should take these to your local household waste and recycling centre, or book a special uplift.

Green bin

Green bins are for paper and cardboard, but be careful what you put in.

Use it for:

  • paper
  • paperback books
  • magazines
  • cardboard
  • newspapers
  • phone directories

Don’t use it for:

  • bubble wrap
  • padded envelopes
  • kitchen towels/paper
  • wet paper
  • tissues
  • hardback books
  • wallpaper
  • polystyrene

Blue bin

Blue bins are for recyclable cartons and containers. This includes plastic containers, but it does not include plastic bags or plastic films.

Many supermarkets have recycling points for plastic bags and certain types of plastic film. You can read a guide to recycling films on the Zero Waste Scotland site.

Make sure you wash items before you put them in your bin, and squash them if you can.

Use it for:

  • plastic bottles
  • plastic food tubs, trays and cartons
  • metal cans
  • drinks bottles with lids
  • plastic fruit punnets
  • kitchen foil
  • aerosol cans

Don’t use it for:

  • cling film
  • crisp packets
  • plastic carrier bags
  • hard plastic items, like toys or coat hangers

Glass box

Your glass box is only for glass bottles and glass jars. Make sure you wash them and remove any lids before you put them in the box.

Don’t use it for:

  • light bulbs
  • window panes
  • broken glass
  • mirrors

Brown bin

You can use your brown bin for food waste. You can put the waste directly in the bin, or into a biodegradable food bag and then into the bin. To use it for garden waste as well, you need a garden waste permit.

What everyone can put in a brown bin

Everyone who has a brown bin can use it for:

  • dairy and eggs (including shells)
  • teabags and coffee grounds
  • fruit, vegetables and peelings
  • meat, fish and bones
  • bread, pastries and cakes
  • rice, pasta and cereal

If you have a garden waste permit 

You can also use your brown bin for:

  • grass cuttings
  • hedge cuttings
  • small twigs and branches
  • weeds and clippings
  • leaves
  • cut flowers and houseplants

What not to put in your brown bin

Even if you do have a permit, you should never put any of these items in your brown bin. We won’t empty it if you do.

Don't use it for:

  • building wood (timber)
  • plant pots and garden furniture
  • gardening liquids (fertiliser)
  • ash
  • soil, turf, and compost
  • pet waste (such as animal faeces, cat litter or animal bedding)
  • gravel and stones
  • bricks and rubble
  • liquid foods
  • food trays
  • plastic bags
  • food wrappings