Waste and recycling directory

Stirling Council understands that it can be confusing knowing what items can or cannot be recycled or which bin to use. To make things easier we have put together a Waste and Recycling Directory that provides guidance for disposing common items.

Packaging Codes

Packaging labels and recycling symbols can be found on many products we use everyday. They are there to help us identify different types of packaging for recycling but they can cause confusion so for this reason we do not provide guidance on whether something can or cannot be recycled based on these codes. This is because the packaging codes provide generalised information that doesn’t always accurately match the items our reprocessors can or cannot accept.

If a plastic item scrunches easily in your hand it cannot be recycled so should be put in the grey bin or taken to a local supermarket collection point. If the item holds its shape when scrunched it can be put in the blue bin and if you have a bulky hard plastic item such as a toy it can be recycled in the hard plastics skip at Lower Polmaise Household Waste Recycling Centre.

If you want to read more about packaging codes you can read the following Zero Waste Scotland article.