Community Development Team

The Team provide community development support to communities and groups, working together with people in priority communities who face the greatest challenges, on activities and projects, creating opportunities and improving people’s lives.

Our priority communities are Bannockburn & Hillpark, Cornton, Cowie, Mercat Cross & City Centre, Plean, Raploch, St Ninians and Fallin. 

We work to:

  • Increase the ability of people to work together for change.
  • Giving people opportunities to achieve what they want to do.
  • Ensure people can influence and shape their communities and issues that affect their lives.
  • Share knowledge, skills and resources effectively.

The Team can work with other communities in the Stirling Council area when they can, to help with community-led development projects that reduce inequalities and improve outcomes.

The Team also:

  • Signpost to other agencies and organisations who can help provide whatever support an organisation is looking for.
  • Give advice and help on funding and grants through the External Funding Officer.
  • Are the first point of contact and provide guidance for Participation Requests where people want to be involved in improving a service or process, and Asset Transfers where communities are interested in leasing or buying Council assets.
  • Provide information on our Community pages including community profiles with key organisations, community plans, and local links.
  • Offer regular E-Bulletin and information briefings with information on issues affecting organisations and communities.

We work in partnership with other Community Learning and Development (CLD) partners on the CLD Plan 2021-2024 and with the Community Planning Partnership on Locality Action Plans which contribute to The Stirling Plan.

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Community Development News

Our regular Bulletin (CDNews) provides relevant news and information, discusses local and national issues, and promotes projects and opportunities for community groups and organisations, volunteers, and anyone involved in improving and developing safe, attractive, and supportive communities.

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CDNews Bulletin Issue 2 (October 2021)

Emergency Contacts Leaflet – Part of Challenge Poverty Week 2021

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Our External Funding Officer offers grant support to a variety of voluntary organisations every year. This is intended to assist local initiatives, encourage environmental improvement and promote community activities. 

For more information visit our Grants and Funding pages or contact the External Funding Officer on 01786 233143 or email.

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