Maker spaces

Open Maker Days

Do you have a project or idea? Do you need to make custom t-shirts for your event? Do you need to replace that weird part that you just can’t find anywhere?

Could your craft or arts projects benefit from access to the makerspace suite of tools?

Bannockburn Makerspace is open on Mondays and Fridays for anybody to drop in with their making ideas. We’ll give you advice, support and training to help you realise your project goals - big or small.

The Makerspace is located at the Bannockburn Library

Mondays and Fridays

10am-1pm and 2-4pm

Available Equipment

3D printers

The Makerspace at Bannockburn Library has a variety of different 3D printers including resin and FDM printers, so we can print in a range of materials colours and sizes.

Laser cutters

These can cut and engrave wood, card, acrylic, leather, paper and fabric.

A rotating jig attachment also allows cylindrical objects such as drinking glasses to be etched with unique designs.

Vinyl cutting and sublimation printing

T-shirts, mugs and many other items can be customised or printed with full colour images using the sublimation printer and vinyl cutter.

Many other tools including:

  • Compact vacuum former
  • 3D Scanning tools
  • Drawing screen
  • Compact CNC milling machine
  • Airbrush
  • Electronics and solder station
  • Jewellery making bench
  • Sewing and Embroidery machines
  • Rotary tools
  • A range of hand and finishing tools


This project is supported by our amazing volunteers. If you’d like to join them and give some of your time to support events and activities with us please visit the volunteering page for more information.

The Makerspace is located at:

Bannockburn Library
38 Quakerfield

01786 812 286

For more information contact: