June 2021 Minutes

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Strathard Community Council Draft Minutes of meeting: Thursday 3rd June 2021. Online via zoom


Community Councillors Present: Trevor Geraghty (Chair), Gillian McEwan, Joyce Kelly, Lynda

Minute Secretary: Kate Bovill

Attending: Bryan Todd – Scottish Fire & Rescue, Martin Earl, J McD SC, 1 member of public





  1. Opening


  2. Apologies

Trevor Geraghty (TG) chaired the meeting &
welcomed all.

Andre Goulancourt, Natasha Sheppard, Stuart
Stephen, Michele Colquhoun, Isobel Madden


3. Minutes

Proposed Joyce Kelly (JK) Seconded Gillian

McEwan (GMcE)


4. Matters arising

Will be covered within topics


5. Scottish Fire &

Bryan Todd (BT) Group Commander for Stirling &
Clackmannanshire (west) Scottish Fire & Rescue
invited by Martin Earl (ME) to attend to provide
info about how services are manned in our area.
It has become harder to recruit retained Fire &
Rescue officers in our area. Coverage in rural
areas depends on local resources (staffing)
although these are flexible and measures are
taken to bolster staffing in order to provide
service. Previously recruitment has been
promoted at local events (limited by Covid), by
erecting banners, national campaigns and
twitter. BT attended to ask if the SCC can assist
the service to increase recruitment of potential
retained Fire personelle. Retained personelle
are paid a salary to be available and must be able
to respond quickly to their Fire service station –
within 6-8 mins (although can be extended to
10mins) this is to enable the service to respond
as quickly as possible. Perhaps the increase in
homeworking due to Covid may have improved
opportunity for some


TG – happy to assist and help. Questions how
many staff are needed, age profile and abilities
required. What level of commitment is needed.
TG highly conscious of community resilience
need & the flooding risk so keen to be promoting
to as many individuals as possible.

Trevor will put info on
SCC website.


BT – 100% commitment is 120hrs per week.
Individuals can commit to an agreed percentage
up to and including that. Many have full time
jobs elsewhere and retained service officers may
just work in the area and not necessarily reside
here. They are looking for as many as possible,
over 18yrs with no upper age limit. Preferably
able to respond to station within 6-8mins but
conversations can be had around this. Training
required 2 weeks f/t paid with ongoing paid
training sessions. 3hrs every Monday evening
also paid and in addition retained Fire & Rescue
staff are paid 3k annually for being available.


GMcE – suggested open night Monday night
being the Aberfoyle training night

BT – previously said this had been done but
Covid limits have prevented this for the past 18

Promotional flyer coming, welcomed by SCC
Lynda McColl (LMcC)– asked if standard ad could
be put on SCC website and Trust website there
was also other local social media TG agreed
TGsaid that local resources could be used and
said it would be kept on the SCC agenda as
standing item.

TG – SCC can share core message within
community, opportunity with an influx of new

ME – as Local elected member can also take to
Port of Menteith/Gartmore CC’s. Residents there
are within 6-8 mins of Aberfoyle.

Although Aberfoyle did not attend the Fire
behind the garage. Respondance to emergiencies
within communities showed that the system
worked, as teams responded within 15 minutes
showing the value ofcommunities taking
forward a sustained recruitment drive.


GMcE highlights negativity from community re
time taken to respond indicating the community
don’t have understanding of the way the service
is manned raising awareness of the retained fire
service would be beneficial.


6 Police Report

See Appendix 1

TG read through Police report – attached.
Highlighted importance of awareness of
Bogus workers and that anyone can fall
victim to this.

All – communicate
awareness in

7 Treasurers report

See Appendix 2

TG keen to book Xmas event. GMcE
suggests afternoon tea during Sept/Oct
might be better. GMcE had added It was felt
that due to restrictions being in place over
the last 18 months confidence at getting out
may be hard for some especially on a cold
frosty dark nights of December, therfore
having something in a warmer daylight
environment may be more accomodating.

Funding would be required to be raised.
LMcC –inquired about previous funding in
SCT for Senior Citizens Afternoon Tea which
may not have been used due to lockdown.


TG – important to get locked in.

GMcE/LMcC check
out venues and


8 Planning

See Appendix 3


JK reported that there was nothing of any note
to report regards new planning

applications. Only one this period and this for
erection of solar panels. She pointed out that
approvals of interest as numbers 2, 4 and 5 on
the planning list covering replacement slate tiles
on Abefoyle School, the change of use for
Crannaig House involving erection of a camping
pod and approval for the Gazebo outside the
Fairie Tree. Number of outstanding applications
have reduced from 15 down to 9.


9 Community Life



JK had no update on the Aberfoyle Community
Life Plan other than to say that the mailing sent
out by the SCC seeking further participation was
largely successful with a fair number of
additional responses being received. She took an
action to tie up with CCN at the first opportunity
and said she would provide a fuller brief ex


Completed Community Life Plans


No further activity to record but JK stated that
the aim was still to convene a workshop at the

JK to communicate
with CCN


first opportunity dependent on COVID 19
regulations to ensure currency of the


9 Local Place Plans

Local Place Plans


JK confirmed that as per action she had formally
signed up the SCC to the Scottish Communities
Position Statement in relation to LPPs and
confirmed that SCC details are now included on
the data base of Community Councils who
support the initiative. She went on to say that
she was currently trying to establish all CC
operating within the LLTNP area to enable
distribution of the link to the data base to
encourage wide acceptance of the Scottish
Communities Position statement aimed at
increasing the ability of the CCs within the
National Park to influence how the LLTNP
implement the policy in regard to creation and
acceptance of Local Place Plans into their
planning processes. She said that other CC
representatives were approaching CCs in areas
out with the NP to increase awareness and
acceptance across all Scottish CCs.


10 Forest and Land

SCC Response to the FLS West Lochard Land
Management Plan.

JK informed the meeting that it had come to light
that the FLS West Lochard Land Management
Plan was causing some concern to members of
the community who worked with FLS to identify
key topics and areas of note when the plan was
being worked up. As a result of these concerns
FLS have opened up review of the document to
the wider Strathard Community and have asked
the SCC to provide input. The Loch Ard Local
History Group (LALHG) and the Strathard
Heritage Group worked closely with FLS at the
early stages.


JK stated that she did not realise LM had been
involved LM stated that although all that they
had requested was not added she had been

aware that the plan was for management of an



area. Jk would take it forward as It was
suggested by those groups that in her dual roles
as LALHG Secretary and the SCC Planning Rep
she was well placed to work with the local
community group to formulate the SCC
response. The SCC committee agreed
unanimously to this request. JK said that to do
justice to the task the SCC needed to ask for an
extension to the review period. This was also
unanimously agreed. Conclusion was that
initially KL and JK will take the review forward
but will involve the other community group
members who participated in the Beinn Bhan
Land Management Plan.


11. SCC position
parking charges

Car Park Charging for Tarbert and Inveruglas Car
Parks – SCC Position

JK told the meeting that communication

between the ATA CC and Neil Well’s Managing
Director of Lochs and Glens indicate that the

TG to cc ME/JMcD
original email, any
query if not
responded within


LLTNP have not yet responded to them to



answer concerns they have with the policy. The



SCC has written to the LLTNP and made them



aware of our own concerns regarding potential



unintended consequences for Strathard, and the



B829 in particular, and asked if they would agree



to an online meeting with all interested parties



to try and resolve issues which could result from



their plans. ME said that if the SCC did not



receive a response with 7 days they should



contact him to ask him to intervene. TG re-



emphasized the importance of getting



discussions underway as Loch and Glens forward



plan 2 years in advance.


12. FLS/Kinlochard
Resilience Group

ME – Dean Lockhart (Former MSP) had a
response today to the email sent by him to CEO
of FLS. FLS replied that they would respond but
as yet no details on the specific question had
been responded. Not addressing any specifics of
concerns as yet. SCC extends thanks to Dean for
his persistence.


13 SCC response to
Strathard framework

Collective Response from SCC to the Strathard
Framework document


JK explained that although the Strathard
Framework document had been sent out widely
for individual review and comment she
acknowledged that there was a requirement for
a consolidated SCC response. She said that CCN
had offered to undertake a forensic appraisal of
the document in relation to how it supported our
Community Life Plans highlighting any areas
which should give the SCC cause for concern to
assist the SCC compile a suitable response. The
committee agreed unanimously to this approach
and JK requested this to be recorded in the
minutes. She also suggested it would be useful
to tie up with the SCT to ensure that if the SCT
decide to provide a consolidated SCT response
both responses were broadly in sinc. JK took an
action to follow this through.

JK - To contact SCT to
discuss response

14 Strathard Trust
update/Road safety


See Appendix 4

Met 26/5/21

TG briefed that Broadband was scheduled for
more Stronachlachar residences, but not yet for

No decisions yet around trust legacy funding
Spaces for people

Cycle bollards for parking & locking bikes will be

20 mph limit throughout Aberfoyle has now gone

Discussion around flashing warning signs value &
progress with council around road safety. This
links with GMcE work around safe routes to
school. Small group to meet to futher
consolidate SCC approach. ME – SCC to bring to
councillors if no progress.


Editor has been found for Strathard Life


The Strathard Trust has started the Planter
improvement works and work is in progress.

meet to discuss road
safety issues.

15 Reports &

Medical Centre Service update (inc
Covid/Vaccination – see Appendix 5


16 Aberfoyle toilets
funding Stirling

Update from Stirling Council email from Chris
Burns: PB Prjects

Meeting this week, Council are looking for full
funding for Changing Places toilet project


17. Cycle Routes
update Funding

Stirling Council


Cycle Map ready to come out


18. Stirling Council

Next and last meeting of Stirling Council session
will be 24/6, Committee meets will focus on
Children and Young People, Social Care (adults)


Focus will be Covid Recovery Plan, emphasising
money must be spent wisely and early careful
planning is key to this. Communities and
individuals will be asked to contribute practically
useful & best impact ideas.


13. AOCB

Decals at old Co-op buiding – no progress has
been made. JK will contact Co-op agent to


New promotional maps of Aberfoyle by Tartan
Ink have now been located at venues 45-60mins
away in order to encourage visitors.


SCC AGM is planned for Thurs 2nd Sept 2021. TG
is in process of booking Aberfoyle Memorial Hall
if possible. Space is large enough for social
distancing & will be a hybrid virtual/physical
meet with Zoom attendance possible.


Next Meeting Thurs 5th August at 7.15pm via Zoom


Appendix 1



Trossachs and Teith Ward,

Strathard Community Council




03/05/21 to 01/06/21 Compiled by PC Lorna Deans


Ward Plan

Antisocial Behaviour

You are concerned about antisocial behaviour including drunken behaviour.


On the evening of 15/5/21 a motorhome that was parked in Riverside car park,
Aberfoyle was vandalised. This remains undetected.


During the reported period police were contacted about trail bikes being used in Loch
Ard forest. Police have attended on both occasions. On the 2nd occasion there was a

vehicle in the area which has possibly been used to transport the bikes - this is being
followed up.


Road Safety

You are concerned about speeding, dangerous driving and indiscriminate parking.


On the morning of 26/05/21 a cyclist was knocked off his pushbike by a motorist whilst
they were both travelling on the A821 Dukes Pass. The driver has been reported to the
Procurator Fiscal for careless driving.




You are concerned about homes being broken into and travelling criminals.

Between 28th April and 9th May two signs have been stolen
from Lochard Sailing Club, Kinlochard. This remains

Between 29th and 31st May a vehicle was stolen from the
Lochearnhead area – just to make local residents aware to
remain vigilant.




Incidents /
Activity of

On 10/05/21 police along with Lomond Mountain Rescue Team and Killin
Mountain Rescue Team were involved in 2 separate incidents involving
missing people on the West Highland Way between Inversnaid and
Crianlarich. Thankfully all parties were traced safe and well.

We have been made aware of possible bogus workers in the area of
Kinlochardand Port of Menteith approaching properties asking if owners

would like their driveway tarred. Thankfully no one has engaged with them
and they have left when asked to do so. We ask that if you require work
carried out on your property, to obtain quotes from recommended companies.
For more information please check online at


Please continue to report any suspicious people/vehicles in the area.




Issues raised




The Community Officers for your area are: PC Donald King and PC Lorna Deans, based at Callander
Police Office.


The Community Sergeant for the area is PS Grant MacDonald, based at Dunblane Office.


They can be contacted via the email address TrossachsTeithCPT@scotland.pnn.police.uk or by
phoning 101


We regularly publish information on the ‘Forth Valley Police’ Facebook page and tweet using


Appendix 2

Strathard Community Council – Bank account balance at 3 June 2021


£ £

General Fund opening Bank balance


Monies out



SKS (Co-op feasibility)

( 4200.00)


Total monies out



Monies in



Total monies in



General Fund closing Bank balance



Subsequent income/expenditure



Minute secretary

( 60.00)


General Fund closing Balance




Less Commitments


Aberfoyle Life Plan 4150.00

Christmas Fund 20.94

SSE Resilience Fund Grant 1521.93


Available Funds 6272.23




  • Aberfoyle LifePlan


Monies in



SC Community Pride Grant


Strathard Community Council


National Park



Strathard Community Trust



Stirling Council



Monies out


CCN £ 800.00


CCN £1300.00


Available funds in Bank account £4150.00


Monies committed but not received £1750.00


  • Christmas Fund


    Funds in Bank account £ 20.94


  • SSE Resilience Fund Grant


    Funds in Bank account £1521.93




    Appendix 3


    Strathard Community Council

    Weekly Planning Lists for May 2021

    Planning Applications:


  • Ref No: 2021/0140/HAE Officer Lorna Gray Date Valid: 18 May 2021 Proposal: Installation
    of solar panels on perimeter wall Location Corrienessan Cottage Aberfoyle Stirling Applicant:
    Mr Michael Payne Great Scott Holdings Corrienessan Cottage Lochard Road Milton Stirling
    FK8 Application Type: Householder Planning Permission Expected Decision Level DEL
    Community Council Area Strathard CC National Grid co-ordinates 250162 E 701402 N
    Advertisement Type: Neighbour Notification


    Withdrawals: None

  • Ref No: 2021/0051/DET Officer Scott Brown Date Valid 17 February 2021 Proposal:
    Installation of 15 no. solar panels to roof of deer larder building Location Deer Larder
    Forestry And Land Scotland Aberfoyle Applicant Mr Bruce Stephens Forestry and Land
    Scotland Upper Battleby Redgorton Perth PH1 3EN Application Type: Detailed Planning
    Permission Community Council Area Strathard CC Date Decision Issued: 19 May 2021
    Decision: Approve

  • Ref No 2021/0050/LBC Officer Craig Jardine Date Valid 3 March 2021 Proposal: Replacement
    slate roof (retrospective) and internal alterations (amendment to consent ref:
    2019/0262/LBC) Location Aberfoyle Primary School Lochard Road Aberfoyle Applicant: Mr
    Max Banks Stirling Council Teith House Kerse Road Stirling FK7 7QA Application Type: Listed
    Building Consent National Park Ward NP Ward 2 (northern (central) area) Community
    Council Area Strathard CC Date Decision Issued: 7 May 2021 Decision: Approve


  • Ref No: 2021/0067/LBC Officer Craig Jardine Date Valid 26 February 2021 Proposa:
    Installation of anti-climb fencing mesh to bridge trough; installation of additional spikes to
    access gate and erection of signage Location Northern 4 Span Aqueduct Lochard Cottages
    Road Kinlochard Applicant: Scottish Water The Bridge Buchanan Gate Business Park
    Cumbernauld Road Stepps G33 6FB Agent Application Type: Listed Building Consent
    National Park Ward NP Ward 2 (northern (central) area) Community Council Area Strathard
    CC Date Decision Issued: 4 May 2021 Decision: Approve


  • Ref No: 2020/0267/DET Officer Amy Unitt Date Valid 12 November 2020 Proposal: Change
    of use of garden ground to caravan site (1 timber pod) Location Crannaig House Trossachs
    Road Aberfoyle Applicant Mrs Heather Surtees Crannaig House Trossachs Road Aberfoyle
    FK8 3SR Agent Application Type: Detailed Planning Permission National Park Ward NP Ward
    2 (northern (central) area) Community Council Area Strathard Date Decision Issued: 13 May
    2021 Decision: Approve


  • Ref No: 2021/0107/DET Officer Caroline Strugnell Date Valid 31 March 2021 722148
    Proposal: Erection of gazebo Location Faerie Tree Main Street Aberfoyle Applicant Mr Dave
    Wells Aberfoyle Tavern Ltd The Faerie Tree Main Street Aberfoyle Stirling FK8 3UG Agent
    Application Type: Detailed Planning Permission National Park Ward NP Ward 2 (northern
    (central) area) Community Council Area Strathard CC Date Decision Issued: 25 May 2021
    Decision: Approve


    Enforcement Matters:



    Access Exemption

  • Dates applied for: 00:01hrs 28th August 2021 to 23:59hrs 28th August 2021 Location:
    Kinlochard Community Field Purpose: To manage entry for a private event (wedding)
    Applicant: Kinlochard Village Hall Kinlochard Stirlingshire FK8 3TL


Byelaw Authorisation


  • Reference Number: 2021/0202/BYCAUT Officer: Matt Buckland Application Type: C. Bye
    Authorisation (11) Days and Dates Applied for: Use of club grounds for camping associated
    with member events between March and September 2021 Location: Loch Ard Sailing Club,
    Kinlochard FK8 3TN Purpose: Use of club grounds for camping associated with member
    events between March and September 2021 Applicant: Nigel Orr


Overdue Applications:


  • Application Number 2019/0183/DET Development Proposed : Formation of
    telecommunications compound to include erection of telecoms mast, installation of
    associated equipment and construction of hardstanding and access track Location: Land At
    Tom Nan Saighdearan Aberfoyle . Date Application Valid: 5 August 2019 Date of expiry of
    period for representations: 6 September 2019


  • Application Number 2019/0305/DET. Development Proposed: Change of use and extension
    of 1 no. existing building to dwellinghouse and erection of 5 no. terraced dwellinghouses and
    1no. detached dwellinghouse Location: Stronachlachar Cottage Stronachlachar Aberfoyle
    Stirling FK8 3TY Date Application Valid: 28 November 2019 Date of expiry of period for
    representations: 3 January 2020


  • Application Number 2020/0111/DET Development Proposed : Formation of footpath and
    installation of viewing structure Location: Land North Of Stronachlachar Pier Stronachlachar
    Applicant: Mr Denis O'Kane Date Application Valid: 22 May 2020 Date of expiry of period for
    representations: 10 Jul 2020


  • Application Number 2020/0149/HAE Development Proposed : Demolition of existing porch
    and single storey extension and erection of replacement porch and single storey side

    extension Location: The Glassert Lochard Road Aberfoyle Stirling FK8 3TJ Date Application
    Valid: 17 July 2020 Date of expiry of period for representations: 14 August 2020


  • Application Number 2020/0202/DET Development Proposed : Erection of dwellinghouse
    Location: Land Between Creag Mhor Cottage And Creag Mhor House Lochard Road Aberfoyle
    Stirling FK8 3TD Applicant: Mr And Mrs Russell McKeand : Date Application Valid: 8
    September 2020 Date of expiry of period for representations: 16 October 2020


  • Application Number 2020/0231/DET Development Proposed : Partial change of use of
    ancillary building to use class 1 (retail) Location: Hill Cottage Aberfoyle Stirling FK8 3SY

    Applicant: Mrs Cindy McLoughlin Agent’s Name: 12 October 2020 Date of expiry of period for
    representations: 13 November 2020


  • Application Number 2020/0304/DET Development Proposed : Erection of dwelling house
    Location: Balanton Yard Montrose Road Aberfoyle Stirling FK8 3UL Applicant: Ms L Briggs
    Agent’s Name: Nicholas Goward Agent’s Company Name: studioEAST Chartered Architects
    Agent’s Address: King James VI Business Centre Friarton Road Perth PH2 8DY Date
    Application Valid: 4 January 2021 Date of expiry of period for representations: 12 February


  • Application Number 2020/0214/DET Development Proposed : Erection of replacement
    garage with flatted dwelling (holiday accommodation) Location: Hazelbank Manse Road
    Aberfoyle Stirling FK8 3XF Applicant: Mr Kenny McNeil Agent’s Name: Mr John White Agent’s
    Company Name: John H White Architects Agent’s Address: Ballat Crossroads Balfron Station
    G63 0SE Date Application Valid: 22 October 2020 Date of expiry of period for representations:
    8 March 2021


  • Application Number 2020/0337/DET Development Proposed : Subdivision of guesthouse to
    form 4no. flatted dwellings (for use as holiday lets) Location: Craigmore Guest House Lochard
    Road Aberfoyle Stirling FK8 3SZ Applicant: Mr Andrew Malcolm Agent’s Name: Mr John White
    Agent’s Company Name: John H White Architects Agent’s Address: Ballat Crossroads Balfron
    Station G63 0SE Date Application Valid: 2 February 2021 Date of expiry of period for
    representations: 12 March 2021


    Appendix 4

    Strathard Community Council 5 May 2021 – SCT update from 26 May meeting


  • Inversnaid/Stronachlachar broadband project


    Final monies received from Stirling Council but not yet passed to Broadway (internet


    No report back on connectivity but aware that it hasn’t reached Inversnaid yet.
    Request for update being obtained

  • Braeval broadband project


    Funding received from Stirli8ng Council and project went live at the end of April. Internet
    provider – Briscona.


  • Trust legacy funds


    The Trust has a small amount of legacy funding available and no decisions have been taken
    yet with regard to additional projects


  • Aberfoyle LifePlan


    A number of Trust Directors had attended meetings of the Aberfoyle LifePlan


  • Report from Strathard Community Council (SCC)
    An update from 6 May SCC meeting was provided.

  • Cycle bollards


    The placement of cycle bollards in Main St was discussed and the project is going ahead.


  • Leader


    The final Leader payment will be in the Trust bank account by the end of May

  • Planters and flowers


    A grant has been promised from Stirling Council for the provision of planters and flowers in
    Aberfoyle. In addition, other planters, picnic tables, cycle bollards and tree squares are
    expected to be in place early June


  • Strathard Life


    A new editor has been found.


  • Gravelfoyle


Further progress has been made and it should be ready for use shortly.


Appendix 5

Subject: RE: Strathard Community Council


Hi Isobel,


COVID 19 Vaccination

Nearly 1200 patients received their first vaccine done the surgery, and to date over 700 have
hadtheir second vaccination at the surgery, with futher clinics scheduled for the remainder of
the over 50s to receive their second vaccine. We have had an excellent attendance rate at our
clinics with either all patients attending or only 2 or 3 not attending or cancelling their


The vaccines are multi dose vials, this can be challanging as we are often left with an opened vial
at the end of the day with a small number of doses left. We have had zero wastage of vaccines
as we contact patients at the last minute to attend at the end the clinic to use any vaccines left
in an opened vial.


Practice Nurse Retirement

Linda our Practice Nurse who has been with us for over 18 years will be retiring at the end of
June. We have employed a full time Practice Nurse, Nicole McCulloch. She has previously
worked within the District Nursing Team in the area so some patients may have already met her.



The staff workload has increased dramatically over the last year due to an increase in telephone
call and these can oftern be complex, therefore we request patients ordering prescription to
please press the appropriate option on the telephone and they will be directed to the 24/7
answermachine. and not to be offended when staff direct you to the prescription option on the
telephone. Patients can also email prescriptons

to fv.aberfoylebuchlyvieprescriptions@nhs.scot. Patients can also order prescriptions via Patient

Access through our website, you can obtain login details for this by sending your details

to fv.aberfoylebuchlyvieprescriptions@nhs.scot. All of these options are available 24/7, however
please allow 2 working days before collecing prescriptions.



We continue to operate a telephone appointment system for the GP appointments with face to
face appointments arranged by the GP if necessary. As we come out of lockdown the GPs are
seeing an increased number of patients in the surgery, however we still need to ensure social
distancing meaures are in place, the clinicians change PPE and clean surfaces and equipment after
each use. As with every other GP practice in the country we are still adjusting to this new normal
and the different ways of working.


Aberfoyle Surgery

As we complete the first COVID 19 vaccination programme we will be preparing the building in
Aberfoyle for reopening.


Please let me know of any feedback or any questions that come up during your meeting this


Many thanks,


John McLeod
Practice Manager


Aberfoyle and Buchlyvie Medical Centre