Historian William Forbes Skene suggested Strathblane have been the site of the battle between the Britons and Picts in the year 750. During this time Talorgan son of Fergus, brother of Óengus I of the Picts, was slain.
The Annales Cambriae and Annals of Ulster refer to the battlefield as "Mocetauc" or "Catohic" respectively.
Skene and others have suggested referred to Mugdock, a locality at the edge of Lennox, within the parish of Strathblane.

A rise in population during the early 19th century was due in part to the development of a large calico print field at Blanefield. Thus (employing 78 adults and 45 children under 14). Also two bleachfields at Dumbrock (employing 67 adults and 14 children under 14) working 10–11 hours per day, 6 days a week.
There is no sign of this industry in the village today which has a rural, picturesque aspect while the majority of parishioners now commute to work in neighbouring towns.

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