Pre application advice


Before Submitting a Planning Application:

If you are considering submitting a planning application, it is advisable to obtain pre-application advice.

The benefits of pre-application advice include:

  • The opportunity to understand how policies and guidance will be applied to your development proposal
  • The early identification of the need for specialist input, eg contamination, transport, ecology, etc.
  • It may flag up that the proposal is unacceptable which could save the cost of submitting a formal application
  • Potential reduction in time dealing with the formal application.

Consideration of the Stirling Local Development Plan and supporting Supplementary Guidance is encouraged prior to requesting advice.

Early engagement with Stirling Area Access Panel (SAAP) is encouraged, especially if your proposal is regarding buildings used by the public. SAAP is able to provide feedback and suggestions regarding specific design elements of a proposal, and highlight any accessibility implications or issues that could be addressed prior to the submission of a planning application.

How to obtain advice

Download and complete the form below and send it via email to with all the relevant information as detailed on the form. We will acknowledge your request and provide a response within 25 working days.

Download Pre Application Form

Download the Pre Application Guidance Note

Please note you should only use this form if you know you need planning permission and you want to find out if we are likely to grant it. Do not use this form to find out whether or not you need planning permission for your development. For advice on that, please visit our page titled Do I need planning permission?

We will provide you with an assessment of the proposal against the development plan, other relevant policies and material planning considerations. The full merits of a proposal, including the views of statutory consultees and neighbours, can only be assessed through the submission of a planning application. Therefore the advice we will give is without prejudice to any decision which the Council may take on receipt of a planning application