Pre-application advice

Benefits of pre-application advice

By getting advice before you submit an application, you can:

  • make sure you understand how policies and guidance will apply to your development proposal
  • identify the need for specialist input on issues like contamination, transport or ecology
  • find out if the proposal is unacceptable, which could save the cost of submitting a formal application

Addressing issues at an early stage can also help to reduce the time it takes to process a formal application.

What you should check before you ask for advice

We recommend that you read:

If your proposal is about buildings used by the public, you should contact the Stirling Area Access Panel. They can:

  • provide feedback and suggestions on specific design elements of a proposal
  • highlight any accessibility issues that could be addressed before you submit a formal application

How to get advice


You should only follow these steps if you know you need planning permission and want to find out if we're likely to grant it. If you're not sure you do, visit our 'do I need planning permission?' guide.

Follow these steps to ask us for pre-application advice.

  1. Read our pre-application guidance. This explains the current costs for advice, what sort of advice you'll receive and how long it might take us to reply.
  2. Download and complete the pre-application enquiry form.
  3. Collate any relevant supporting materials, as is explained in the 'checklist' section of the form.
  4. Email your completed form and supporting materials to

If you have any problems

If you need help with the form or making a payment, you can contact our Planning team by:

On 5 June 2023, we introduced a fee for pre-application advice. You can read about this in our charging charter and pre-application guidance.

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