Gritting route priorities

When weather conditions indicate that there could be snow or ice on our roads, we carry out precautionary gritting. We prioritise roads with the greatest volumes of traffic and other relevant factors, aiming to reduce delays and the potential for accidents on our busiest routes.

Priority one routes

These roads have a total daily flow of more than 800 vehicles, and include roads that lead to emergency service locations – such as hospitals.

The roads are given a precautionary salt treatment between 5.30am and midnight. We also clear snow and treat any ice formations 24 hours a day.

Priority two routes

These are roads which have a total daily flow of more than 600 vehicles. They are salted if snow and ice are forecast beyond midday.

Priority three routes

These are roads where the total daily traffic flow is greater than 400 vehicles.

Priority four routes

These cover all other roads including those in residential areas. They're only treated in exceptional circumstances, with priority given to locations with difficult junctions, hills and bends.

For more information read our winter service policy