Placing requests

Enrolling your child in an alternative school

If you want to send your child to a school other than their catchment school, you need to complete a placing request.

St Mary’s Episcopal Primary School in Dunblane is a denominational school. It does not have a catchment area and placement is not prioritised on the basis of religious affiliation. If you want your child to attend this school you should enrol them at their catchment school first, and then submit a placing request.

How to do this

Parents/carers must register their child at the local catchment school even if a placing request application is being made. Failure to do so may cause a delay in processing the placing request.

When to submit a placing request

Parents/carers can only make a placing request in the academic session prior to the session they wish their child to be considered for. For example, a request can be made in August 2022 for admission in August 2023. In the case of admission to a secondary school, a placing request can only be made when your child has started Primary seven.

How long will the process take?

Normally a placing request for immediate admission will take between 4-6 weeks to process. This allows both the requested school and the current school to exchange information and respond to the Schools, Learning and Education Service. This process may take longer at specific times of the year.

Placing request policy
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