Dangerous building update – Port Street

On Saturday 16 December 2023, Stirling Council’s Building Standards Team was contacted by a business on Port Street following reports of fallen masonry from a private building. 

A safety zone was put in place on the footway in front of the premises (Ginger Roots greengrocers) to until further investigations could be undertaken by an engineer.

On 20 December, we received a report from a structural engineer, following their inspection of the private property that afternoon. This identified further structural risks requiring the extension of the safety zone to ensure public safety.

Stirling Council is required by law to take action and carry out work to protect the public in or in places adjacent to a dangerous building under the Building (Scotland) Act 2003. A Dangerous Building Notice was served on the building owners following the initial incident.

As a result, we had to close the southbound lane on Port Street (from Upper Craigs to King’s Park Road) and the footway in front of the affected property. Diversion route is listed below.

This is a private property and it is the responsibility of the building owners to prevent it falling into a dangerous condition and to undertake any maintenance and necessary repairs.

We have been working with the building owners to have the repair works undertaken as soon as possible.

The owners and their contractor have experienced delays in undertaking the works. However, we have been advised that their work to install structural supports to the façade of the building will now start on Monday (26 Feb) and take up to three weeks to install.

Once the structural supports are in place, it is anticipated the safety exclusion zone can be reduced, allowing the full reopening of the road and the partial reopening of the footway and enabling full structural repairs to take place.

We will continue to support the building owners to progress the works as quickly as possible and do all we can to minimise the impacts to businesses and the wider city centre, with it still being business as usual for traders on Port Street.

We will also maintain regular dialogue with all impacted businesses, sharing key updates from the building owners about the latest situation.

Diversion route:

Via: Dumbarton Road, Albert Place, Queen’s Road, Victoria Place, Drummond Place, Snowdon Place, St Ninians Road, Port Street.