Marriage and civil partnership

Getting married or entering into a civil partnership? Discover how we can help you with the legalities and the ceremony.

Marriage and civil partnership in Scotland

Anyone,regardless of gender, over age 16 can get married or form a civil partnership in Scotland. You don't need to live here or be a British citizen or provide evidence of parental consent.

Civil partnership

You can choose to have either:

  • civil partnership ceremony – which is similar to a civil marriage ceremony
  • civil partnership registration – where both parties and the witnesses come to a registration office to complete the registration.


No matter what kind of union you intend, you'll need to have two witnesses at the ceremony. For marriages, the witnesses are usually the best man and bridesmaid. They must be 16 or over and be capable of understanding the proceedings. You'll need an interpreter at the ceremony if either party or witnesses are unable to understand or speak English.

Conversion from a civil partnership to a marriage

If you are in an existing civil partnership and want to convert this into a marriage we offer a clear process to do this.

If your civil partnership was in Scotland, you can have either:

  • a marriage ceremony – conducted in the same way as any other marriage, and can include exchanging vows and rings
  • an administrative conversion – where your partnership is altered to marriage by completing documentation with the registrar

Both of these options result in marriage in accordance with the law of Scotland.

If your civil partnership was in England, Wales or Northern Ireland, you cannot get married in Scotland through the administration process, but you can have a marriage ceremony.

If your civil partnership was outside the UK you may still be able to apply for conversion to marriage. As the legalities vary by country please contact a registration office for guidance.

Changing your name

If you decide to change your surname when you get married or form a civil partnership, you do not need to complete any official forms. You can use your marriage or civil partnership certificate as evidence of your change of name.

Renewal of vows

We can provide a personal and professional non-religious ceremony for couples who wish to renew their vows. Our staff will help you to arrange your day and will deliver a personal ceremony tailor-made for you. You can include the exchange of rings, new or old!

There is a fee for this service, which is inclusive of a pre-ceremony consultation, ceremony and certificate. 

Use the online form to request an appointment.


Marriage or civil partnership registration - £45 per person


Civil marriage fee - £55


Marriage or civil partnership certificate - £10 per certificate




The minimum statutory fee for a civil partnership registration is £155.

Depending on where and when your marriage or civil partnership takes place, some of the following additional fees may also apply:

Provisional booking fee

  • £33.00

Ceremony at a registration office

  • £225.00 Saturday
  • £289.00 Sunday or Public Holiday

Room hire at Stirling (Viewforth)

Bruce Room – up to 6 people (including bridal party)


Bruce Room – 6-30 guests


Council chambers – up to 60 guests


Ceremony at an alternative venue

  • £187 Monday to Friday
  • £268 Saturday
  • £342 Sunday or public holiday

A full list of registration fees can be found on our registration fees and charges page.

Replacement certificates