Fintry Community Council

Councillor information

Elected members for Ward 2 - Forth and Endrick


Community Council Office Bearers

Chairperson - Ms Michelle Bennet

Vice chairperson - Mr Ian Rogers

Secretary - Ms Moira McKay

Treasurer - Sue Wallace

About the area



  • Wednesday 17 January 7:30pm Menzies Hall
  • Wednesday 14 February 7:30pm Menzies Hall
  • Wednesday 13 March 7:30pm Menzies Hall
  • Wednesday 8 May 7:30pm Menzies Hall
  • Wednesday 12 June 7:30pm Menzies Hall (to follow AGM)
  • Wednesday 11 September 7:30pm Menzies Hall 
  • Wednesday   9 October 7:30pm Menzies Hall
  • Wednesday 13 November 7:30pm Menzies Hall
  • Wednesday 11 December 7:30pm Menzies Hall

For more information on community councils please contact the Community Council Enquiry Co-Ordinator.


Meet - Second Wednesday of the Month
Menzie Hall 7.30 pm

2023 Minutes

2022 Minutes

2021 Minutes

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Local information

Local Community Planning

Stirling Council supports areas to produce local community plans. These plans are developed with people in the community, local community groups and businesses. They set out the community priorities for their area and often include an action plan. 

Fintry currently does not have a Local Community Plan

Other Information

Other organisations, community activities and groups in this area. 

Key Information

The main organisations operating in this area which aim to be representative of the whole community are listed below, and where possible we have provided a direct link to their websites:

Fintry Community Council
Fintry Development Trust

A diverse range of community, cultural and social activities take place in Fintry. For further information please visit their website.