Sustainable travel

Policies and initiatives that support greener modes of travel.


Travel is about getting from one place to another. We all make choices about how to do this.

Travelling actively and using sustainable transport are great ways to:

  • reduce carbon emissions
  • reduce air pollution
  • save money
  • improve your health

This guide brings together information on how we're supporting sustainable travel and making it easier for people to choose greener options.

If you're looking for more detailed information on using different modes of transport, make sure you also read the pages about:

Local Transport Strategy

Our Local Transport Strategy sets out how we'll help people and goods move around Stirling safely. The document covers the period from 2017 to 2027, but also considers what the area might need in the 10 years after that.

In 2023, we’ll review this strategy to make sure:

  • it's better aligned with our Climate and Nature Emergency Plan
  • we're focusing on how we can all reduce our environmental impact while getting to where we need to be

Supporting walking and wheeling

As well as walking, many people will 'wheel' during a journey. This means they’ll use something to help them move around, such as a:

  • walking aid
  • wheeled aid
  • personal assistant
  • support animal

We're making it easier for everyone to walk and wheel in Stirling city centre and their own neighbourhoods. We're doing this by:

  • reducing vehicle speeds by creating 20mph zones
  • giving more road space to people instead of vehicles, with wider footways and cycle lanes
  • providing more crossing points and resting places
  • making sure signs give you the information you need

We're also working on projects that cover specific areas.

Walk, Cycle, Live Stirling

As part of this project, we'll install two world-class active travel routes in the Council area. These will run from:

  • Stirling city centre to Forth Valley College
  • Stirling train station to the University of Stirling

City Centre South

We're developing proposals to make it easier to walk, wheel and cycle in neighbourhoods south of the city centre.

Balfron Active Places

This project aims to make Balfron village centre a better place for people by developing active travel and making improvements to the streetscape.

Supporting cycling

We're making it easier for people of all ages to cycle by:

  • reducing vehicle speeds by creating 20mph zones
  • creating 'quiet streets' and 'cycle streets' where cycling, walking and wheeling are the main ways of getting around
  • creating cycle lanes on busier roads to separate cyclists from vehicles and pedestrians
  • developing longer routes for people who want to make return cycle journeys from outside the city centre