The Garden Maintenance Scheme (GMS) allows applicants who are eligible to have their grass cut on a regular basis throughout the growing season (April to October).  The scheme is only for applicants who are unable to look after their own garden and who do not have anyone else who can do this for them.  If you are able or do have someone who can do this for you, please to not apply as spaces are limited.

In order to qualify applicants must be Stirling Council Housing Tenants and meet one of the following criteria:

  • In receipt of Disability Living Allowance.
  • In receipt of Personal Independence Payment.
  • In receipt of Attendance Allowance.
  • Aged over 75 on or before 1st January in the season.
  • Unable to maintain their garden due to a severe, permanent medical condition.

Additionally, applicants must permanently reside at the address and have no other able bodied person living in the household or nearby who could maintain their garden.

The scheme includes the basic cutting and strimming of the grassed area including the lifting and disposing of all grass cuttings, which will be placed in the applicants brown bin. Applicants in receipt of an active Garden Maintenance Scheme will receive one free garden waste permit prior to the waste service starting. Applicants can apply for the bin pull out service by contacting Waste Services.

There will be up to 10 cuts per season on a three weekly cycle (weather permitting). Grass areas to be cut will be limited to 200 square meters. Hedge cutting will be undertaken once at the end of the season and will be limited to 100 square meters.

Applications will be accepted from December to February only. Any applications received out with this date will not be processed.

You can apply online via the form below, or by emailing, or can be sent by post by telephoning the contact centre on 01786 404040.

Applicants should complete the full application and submit the following proof of eligibility, where applicable:

  • Proof of Disability Living Allowance: a copy of the original letter of entitlement or annual uprating letter
    (dated within the last 12 months).
  • Proof of Personal Independence Payment: a copy of the original letter of entitlement or annual uprating
    letter (dated within the last 12 months).
  • Proof of Attendance Allowance: a copy of the original decision letter or annual uprating letter.
  • Aged 75 on or before the 1st January in the season: a copy of either; valid passport, photographic driving
    licence or current TV licence.
  • Unable to maintain garden due to a severe, permanent medical condition: either a DS1500 report or
    medical declaration for GP to confirm medical status.

Completed applications and relevant proof should be submitted to:

Garden Maintenance Scheme
Stirling Council Housing Services
Allanwater House
Kerse Road

Applicants will be contacted by letter to inform if they have been successful in the application or if they do not qualify for the scheme. If you have been unsuccessful you can reapply in the future if your circumstances change.

If you qualify you may not be guaranteed a space but will be put on the waiting list until a space becomes available. Housing Services will automatically check your circumstances prior to each cutting season to ensure you are still eligible, your application will be rolled on to the next season.

If you move property, or your circumstances change, you must inform the Garden Maintenance Scheme as soon as possible to transfer or change your service.

Dog fouling is a serious Health and Safety issue for the Garden Maintenance Team. If there is a large amount of dog fouling on a grass area the Garden Maintenance Team will not cut the grass. If warnings of dog fouling are not responded to by applicants they will be removed from the Garden Maintenance Scheme.

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