If you present yourself as homeless, we will assess your situation. If you:
  • have nowhere to stay, you will be given emergency accommodation at once and a homeless interview the same day, or the next working day if it is after office hours.
  • are homeless but have somewhere to stay temporarily, you will be offered a homeless interview within three working days.
The legislation says that you are homeless if you:
  • have no accommodation that you are legally entitled to occupy
  • cannot¬†reasonably live in your accommodation
  • cannot gain entry to your accommodation
  • face violence/harassment
  • don't have permission to stay there, or family or friends you have been staying with have asked you to leave
  • live in a place like a houseboat or a caravan, and there is nowhere for you to place it and live in it
  • are going to lose your accommodation within 2 months.
Our Housing Officers decide whether you are homeless by legal definition. We will ask:
  • Are you homeless, or about to become homeless?
  • Are you intentionally homeless?
  • Do you have a local connection within the area of Stirling?

Your homelessness/advice officer will tell you about the assessment process. A decision will be made within 28 days and you will be informed in writing.

Last updated: Tuesday, October 29, 2019 4:49 PM