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The Civic Government (Scotland) Act 1982 (The act) allows for Local Authorities to licence taxis and private hire cars.  A successful licensing regime will ensure that a safe, reliable and accessible service is available to the public when and where it is required, at a reasonable cost.

This consultation is being carried out to ensure that Stirling’s taxi and private hire licensing framework, best meets local needs in 2019 and into the future.”

We would have the survey running until the 31 July 2019.  View the Consultations

Taxi Licences

The Civic Government (Scotland) Act 1982 provides for the licensing of taxis and private hire cars.  A taxi is defined as a hire car which is engaged by arrangements made in a public place between the persons to be conveyed in it (or a person acting on his behalf) and its driver for a journey beginning there and then. A private hire car is defined as a hire car other than a taxi.

A hire car is defined as a motor vehicle with a driver which is a view to profit available for hire by the public for personal conveyance.

A licence will be issued for a vehicle up to an eight-seater, anything over this will require a licence from the Scottish Traffic Commissioners.

The Planning & Regulation Panel at their meeting on 11 September 2012 agreed that there was no significant unmet demand for taxis within the Stirling Council and to continue to limit the number of taxi vehicle licences to 69.  A copy of the unmet demand survey report carried out by the Transport Research Institute at Edinburgh Napier University can be found here.

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