Double Yellow Lines

You can't park on double yellow lines at any time. You may load or unload on double yellow lines as long as there are no kerb stripes.

Single yellow lines

Usually, you can’t park on single yellow lines between 8.45 am and 5.30 pm Monday to Saturday, depending on the area – check street signs to be sure. You may load or unload on single yellow lines as long as there are no kerb stripes (see below for an explanation of kerb stripes).

Double kerb stripes

Double stripes on a kerb mean there is no loading at any time.

Single kerb stripes

Single stripes on the kerb mean you can’t load or unload at certain times (check street signs).

Cycle lanes

There are also some small cycle lanes in Stirling. As the name and size indicate, these lanes are solely for cyclists’ use.

Pay and display machines

A pay and display machine indicates short-term, paid parking. *Please note that the arrows and signs show the ticket machine location, not the direction of public parking bays.

Residents’ parking bays

Only those with valid residents’ permits may park in these reserved bays during operating hours. Please pay particular attention to the arrows on signs to see in which direction you should park. Residents’ parking bays are also marked with Residents  

Pay & Display parking bays

Only those with a valid parking ticket or residents parking permit may park in these bays during operating hours.  Pay and display bays operate Monday to Saturday between 8.45 am and 5.30 pm.

Disabled parking bays

Only those with a valid blue badge may park in bays marked with "Disabled”.

Motorcycle bays

There are some parking bays within Stirling City Centre that are reserved for motorcycles, these bays are marked with either "Motorcycles Only” or "M/Cs Only”. depending on the size of the bay.

Electric Vehicle Bays

Only electric vehicles on charge are permitted to park in these reserved bays.

Car Club Bays

Only car club vehicles are permitted to park in these reserved bays.

Loading bays

Loading bays indicate spaces where you may load and unload goods. Check signs for hours of operation.

Access Protection Markings

An access protection marking is an advisory marking which is used to highlight a dropped kerb to motorists.

Access protection markings cannot be enforced by Police Scotland.  Police Scotland can, however, take action against vehicles obstructing your access without the need for the marking.

Anyone wishing to request an access protection marking should complete and return the Access Protection Markings Application Form.


Last updated: Thursday, March 31, 2022 2:47 PM