Previous Project Progress

We asked for your views on parking issues in Dunblane, to inform Dunblane’s Community Parking Management Plan (CPMP) - we were interested in Dunblane's Controlled Parking Zone (CPZ), which is the zone in the city where on-street parking is controlled (see also Stirling Council's Parking Policy for more information).

We previously held a public consultation, comprising of both an online and paper questionnaire, in the Victoria Hall on the 11th September 2018, before the closure of the consultation period on 28th September. We also commissioned an independent parking survey. Based on the views and opinions of those we consulted with, and on the evidence we gathered, we developed initial parking proposals for Dunblane. 

You can view our findings from this consultation in the following documents:

You can also review our progress on this project here.

Current Consultation

We presented our initial proposals to the Dunblane Parking Steering Group on 4th December 2018 and based on their feedback we have comprehensively reviewed and revised the initial proposals for on- and off-street parking. Find out more about us preparing these proposals in the following documents:

We have now developed three further proposals and would like to know your views on them and whether you have a preferred proposal. Please click on the links below to look at our initial proposals, as well as the three further options (A, B and C). You will also find some background information regarding why we developed these options and details around them.

Further information about parking zones and permits can also be found here.

The deadline for receiving your comments was 27th February 2019. Many thanks for any comments you may have provided us. 

What Happens Next?

After gathering your feedback, we will take the proposals to the Council's Environment and Housing Committee on 11th April 2019.

If the Committee decide to introduce the proposals, there will be further opportunity for you to make comment during a statutory three week consultation on the Traffic Regulation Order that is required to implement the CPZ, this is likely to take place later in the year.

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