Service update: Normal waste and recycling bin collections restarted on 1 June, 2020.  Collections will be made in line with the latest bin calendar, which you can also download. 

Waste and recycling services for businesses.

Stirling Council is able to offer an integrated package of Commercial Waste and Recycling services, which will ensure your business is fully compliant with the Waste (Scotland) Regulations

Under the Waste (Scotland) Regulations businesses are required to separate for recycling:
  • Paper
  • Cardboard
  • Metal
  • Food
  • Glass and plastic
Our Commercial Waste and Recycling Team can provide:
  • A tailored waste and recycling service for your business
  • A team of friendly, local staff with expert knowledge of the city
  • An efficient, economic and reliable waste service
  • A wide range of bins and an alternative option of trade sacks if space within your premises is limited
  • Clear guidance and support on any new legislation

The full details of the services we can offer your business are listed below:

Mixed paper & cardboard recycling
Yes, please 
No, thanks
Recycling paper Bin
Flattened cardboard Bubble Wrap
Paperback books Tissues
Newspapers Polystyrene
Telephone directories Padded Envelopes
Magazines Hard backed books
Cereal boxes Kitchen Towels
  Wet Paper


Glass recycling

Yes, please 
No, thanks
Jars Broken Glass
Rinsed Glass Bottles  Window Panes
  Drinking Glasses 
  Light Bulbs


Plastic, cans & cartons

Yes, please 
No, thanks
Plastic Bottles  Cling Film
Drink Bottles with Lids Plastic Carriers Bags
Tubs and Trays Crisp Packets
Plastic Punnets Hards Plastic (Plastic Toys)
Plastic Takeaway Containers  
Tin Foil  


Food waste

Yes, please 
No, thanks
Tea Bags Liquid
Coffee Oil
All cooked and uncooked food waste Food Packaging
Egg Shells Cutlery


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