Waste and recycling services for businesses.

Stirling Council is able to offer an integrated package of Commercial Waste and Recycling services, which will ensure your business is fully compliant with the Waste (Scotland) Regulations

Under the Waste (Scotland) Regulations businesses are required to separate for recycling:
  • Paper
  • Cardboard
  • Tins & Cans
  • Food waste
  • Glass bottles and jars
  • Plastic packaging
Our Commercial Waste and Recycling Team can provide:
  • A tailored waste and recycling service for your business
  • Ongoing support from our team of friendly, local staff with expert knowledge of the city and Stirling area
  • An efficient, economic and reliable waste service
  • A wide range of bins and an alternative option of trade sacks if space within your premises is limited
  • Clear guidance and support on any new legislation
  • A best value collection service (please refer to commercial waste charges.      

Services we can provide your business

Mixed paper & cardboard recycling
Yes, please 
No, thanks
Office paper Padded envelopes
Flattened cardboard Any materials with food/oily residue
Paperback books Tissues or tissue paper
Newspapers Polystyrene/Styrofoam
Telephone directories Kitchen towels
Magazines Wet paper/card
Cereal boxes Plastic packaging
Envelopes (inc windows) General waste


Mixed glass recycling service

Yes, please 
No, thanks
Clear, green, blue, or amber glass bottles and jars Broken Glass
Food jars (clean) Window Panes
Glass bottles (clean) Perfume bottles
  Drinking Glasses 
  Light Bulbs


Mixed plastic, cans & cartons recycling service

Yes, please 
No, thanks
Plastic drinks bottles (PET &HDPE) Cling Film
Plastic cleaning bottle (empty) Plastic carrier bags
Plastic lids (returned to washed & squashed bottle) Cellophane
Plastic food containers e.g. pots, tubs, tray & punnets (clean) Plastic furniture
Food and drink tins/cans (clean) Plastic toys
Aerosol cans Crisp or biscuit packets
Food and drink cartons e.g. Tetra Pak (clean) General waste


Food waste recycling service

Yes, please 
No, thanks
All cooked and uncooked food waste Liquid
Tea bags and coffee grounds Oils
Diary and eggs (inc shells) Food in packaging
Bread, cakes, pastries Unrisen dough
Meat, fish and bones Disposable plates, bowls or cutlery
Fruit and Vegtables inc peakings) Dead animals

Lower Polmaise Weighbridge

Businesses wishing to dispose of commercial/trade waste at Lower Polmaise Waste Transfer Station are required to set up an account. This can be done by either sending an email to BSTPolmaise@stirling.gov.uk or writing to:

Stirling Council Waste Services
Lower Polmaise Waste Management Centre

To set up an account we require your business details, a valid copy of your Waste Carriers License (issued by SEPA or the Environment Agency) and details of the type(s) of waste you are needing to dispose of.

We currently accept the below commercial/trade waste types at the Polmaise Waste Transfer Station via our weighbridge:

Waste Type

Cost per Tonne

Non-recyclable Waste (including Landfill Tax)     


Cardboard Recycling   


Wood/Timber Recycling   


Garden Waste Recycling   


Sweeper & Gully Waste



You will be able to access the weighbridge once Waste Services has confirmed your account has been set-up and authorised. Invoices are issued to our commercial waste customers on a monthly basis and are due for payment within 14 days.

Tip Permits

Small amounts of commercial waste can be disposed of at Lower Polmaise by purchasing a Tip Permit from Stirling Council's Customer First Office, Port Street, Stirling. Each permit entitles the holder to dispose of up to half a tonne of waste.

Please note: this service is for low volume producers and vehicle size is limited. For larger amounts of commercial waste please see the Transfer Station section

Last updated: Tuesday, January 5, 2021 11:37 AM